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About Me

After finishing up a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from TCU, I realized there were hardly any jobs in the field, and pivoted towards industry. I started work as a data scientist at a mobile game company in San Francisco, and then moved to Uber. You can see my full employment journey in my resumé.

I'm passionate about education and sharing knowledge (no doubt from my years in academia), so you can check out learning materials on my education page. You can also read other tips and musings on technology, gaming (my other passion), or other random topics on my blog.

See something incorrect on the site? Have a question about something in a blog post or education lesson? Have an idea about something I should cover next? Have a project you want some feedback or collaboration on? Want to entice me to leave my job and work somewhere else? You can find links to all my contact methods on my resumé page.

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Unlimited Coding Practice Courtesy of FiveThirtyEight

One of the hardest things about learning coding is the fact that there isn't a large base of fairly easy coding questions that let you learn a ton by doing, instead of reading enough books and other materials to tackle more challenging word problems. When asked by several friends to recommend methods of getting into Data Science, I always recommend learning how to code by doing rather than reading, however...

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