Research Projects

Below is a list of all research projects I have been associated with during my academic career. As this site is built up, I will add additional content around each research project to share much of the knowledge I've gained from each one, and possibly inspire others to continue some of my more interesting work.

Properties of Binary Populations in Open Clusters
Fall 2010 - Spring 2015

Ph.D. Dissertation Project
It has long been known that binary stars have fundamental effects on stellar and cluster evolution. In order to understand these effects and quantify them, properties of binary systems within clusters must be accurately determined, such as masses. Getting mass determinations are difficult for unresolved binary systems, and this research will utilize a different technique to accurately determine masses of both stars in a binary. Of special importance is the ability to detect the numerous low-mass binary systems which have, so far, been out of reach for conventional radial velocity surveys.

APOGEE-I/II AutoScheduler
Spring 2011 - Spring 2015

Hydrogen Storage in Metal-Organic Frameworks
Summer 2009 + Summer 2010

Dark Matter Properties from the Cosmic Microwave Background
Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

Numerical Modeling of Merging Black Holes
Spring 2009